Rules for playing on the servers of Dark And Light in Spain

No one is exempt from compliance with the rules and no excuse is allowed regarding their ignorance.

All users must know and respect them if they want to be part of this community.


1- Spam is not allowed for advertising purposes or sending of repetitive offensive or defamatory messages.

2- Be respectful with other players, racism, insults or fights over voice or text chat will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with a user, solve it privately.

3- Join a tribe or alliance with the intention of betraying them can be punished by staff.

4- The use of exploits or bugs of any kind is totally prohibited.


1- It is not allowed to build in spawn rich areas of resources. Including all the Wheat Field.

2- You can not build in the beacons or occupy them with creatures that interfere in the use of them by other tribes or users.

3- It is not allowed to build in caves that contain artifacts or block access to them.

4- It¡s not allowed to build in the Pirate Island, Sky Island and Dragon Island. Some areas can be declared forbidden for construction by Staff.

5- It is not allowed to spam structures along the map only around your base defensively or offensively if necessary in an enemy base. If you need to generate a structure to perform a task remember to delete it once it is finished. This will make us have a better game quality. The Staff will clean up any structure that it considers does not comply with the standard.

6- The laying of foundations / pillars is not allowed to prevent people from building.

7- Each tribe is responsible for destroying all the abandoned structures and traps that are being built along the map. It will be a sanction reason to skip this rule in a continuous or repetitive manner or to ignore in case of notice by the administration.

8- Don’t build to block charge nodes or gas veins.

(Users that participate in PVP servers are not exempt from complying with the rest of the rules except those defined in the PVE section).

1- The abusive raiding of a tribe is not allowed on a continuous basis. They must spend at least 48 hours before being able to re-enter into conflict with a besieged tribe (any aggressive action on the part of the besieged tribe will override the time counter and make it possible to retaliate).

2 – Take what is necessary and go your way, do not cause more damage than necessary.

3 – It is frowned upon, but not prohibited the killing of creatures in passive by users. If it is a common behavior, the staff reserves the right to take the necessary measures in this regard.

4- The maximum prison time is one hour (cage, base, wives, tranquilizers …) Allows at least 2 hours to pass before a victim is re-imprisoned (the timer is canceled if the victim retaliates ).

5- It’s not allowed to raid during server or global events.

(Users who participate in PVE servers are not exempt from complying with the rest of the rules except those defined in the PVP section).

1- Prohibited to close areas of passage or roads, must be able to pass with a brontosaurus or a giganotosaurus in these areas at least (including beaches).

3- It is totally forbidden to build in areas of player respawn.

4- It is not allowed to steal or kill any other player in a premeditated way, if evidence is provided, this attitude will be sanctioned.

5- It will be sanctioned to grab another player without permission with one of the flying animals, to lock someone or to throw animals or objects on opposite bases without prior consent.


1- If you need to get in touch with the staff use the available places for those purposes that you can locate on the web page (SUPPORT section) or in the forum. is not responsible for possible losses within the game due to game failures or any other reason beyond our control.


1st notice: The administration will give a first warning if it is not a serious fault.
2nd warning: Wipe your account
3rd notice: Permanent ban

IMPORTANT To denounce another player for non-compliance with the above rules, evidence must be available, any complaint that is not accompanied by them will not be accepted. Remember that it is the word of one against another. Everything that demonstrates the fact faithfully like images, videos, etc. will be accepted as proof.

These rules are subject to the interpretation of the administration or its moderators and may be reduced, extended or modified at any time with the consequent communication via web and discord.


1- Certain packs of articles will only be possible to acquire from the PVE servers, the administration of understands that its financing in no case should contribute to convert the PVP servers into a pay to win and therefore will try to make all the articles offered in these seconds are part of the balance of opportunities between players who help maintain the servers or the community and those who do not do so economically.

2 – Only those animals that are paid and that the buyer directly request their transfer will be transferred from one server to another. No animal that can not be justified the ownership of the buyer will be transferred.

3- The characters that have used the experience boost or the acquisition of certain recipes in the PVE servers can be transferred from one server to another always within the same game dynamics (PVE -> PVE).


The administration of is not in favor of the WIPE of any of its servers, although it reserves the right to carry out this action in any of its servers in the event that the acceptance by the community is not the same. adequate, for issues related to the proper functioning and stability of the servers, or any other situation that forces us to do so.